Things That Make You Go Hmm....

Recently, i ordered some stuff online from a USA Company and while i was reading their 'shipping' protocol, this is what it said:

We are currently shipping to Canada on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Average time from shipment to your door is 6-9 days. (Yep, ok- gots that!)

Canadian Customers: Your items are delivered with Canadian customs, duties, and all GST/HST taxes prepaid.
Duties & Taxes (not including options): US$16.20.
Total purchase price: US$70.20
Total in Canadian dollars (1USD~1.0201CD):~$71.61CD. (Yep, ok- gots that too!)

Note: Alberta customers and those in the remote provinces no one really lives in are billed Duties + 5% GST, all other provinces are billed Duties + 12% HST. If you are from Saskatchewan we probably owe you a free hat for the 2% difference so feel free to ask for it. Those of you to the far east probably owe us a hat but we'll just let it slide.

Say What?? 

So- eventhough i am living in Alberta, i asked for a hat anyways!  And guess what....i got one!  Tee hee!


Rebecca said…
I'm curious as to which company had that posted?
Unknown said…
I would LOVE to say Rebecca-- but i should not.
Pamela said…
LOL that is funny LOL
That is hilarious....remote provinces no one really lives in? You know the ones with unoccupied Igloos.
Melani said…
That does make you say HMMMM!

How weird!

I have been offline for a while due to internet problems, but I am still here!
wtf??? hmmmm...indeed! lol
I can't believe a company actually said that- publicly!
at least you got a hat! yay! lol
starnes family said…
That's just funny. Canada is so pricey!
Matty said…
SamiJoe, you are just too far out in the boondocks. LOL

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