My Gwyneth Obsession

Okay, the lady can sing and i am over-the-top fascinated with Gwyneth! I even love just saying her name, lol. She will apparently appear on another episode of GLEE, in a month or two. Until then, we can enjoy her in the new movie, "Country Strong", out in theatres January 7th, 2011.


I really like her and who new she had such a great voice! I can't wait until her movie comes out! Loved her in Glee. Have a great weekend! Cold enough up in Canada? Damn its like the Arctic here!
Rebecca said…
I've always thought that Gweneth has such a subtle beauty. Like she doesn't even realize she's so pretty.
I also am a lover of the Gwyneth. Most people I know don't care for her and I have no idea why. She rocks and I loved her in Glee.

I guess only those of us with taste can recognize her for her awesomeness. The others can just go suck it.
starnes family said…
I think she's darling, but I know she isn't loved amongst the celeb bloggers. Don't care!
Joanna Jenkins said…
Yep, she's pretty cool. And she was terrific on Glee.
Merry Christmas! jj
Blondi Blathers said…
I've never cared less about Miss Paltrow one way or the other, but she's impressing me with her musical chops, that is for sure!

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