Music Monday

One of my favourites of the season--

How about you??
What is your favourite song/carol of the holiday??


Rebecca said…
Oh Holy Night when the right soprano sings the song...always a girl.

Little Drummer Boy when the right baritone/tenor sings the song. Always a guy.
Design It Chic said…
Thanks for joining us at Boost My Blog Friday, SamiJoe!
Don't forget to stop by our Show Yo' Flow Campaign today to see the interview we have on Jocelyn and the surprises she has for everybody:) See you there! Happy Monday!
I have been listening to so much Christmas music I can tell you only what I don't like....anything with the Chipmunks....over that! And the Grinch...! I love the classics but throw a Mariah Cary or Taylor Swift my way now and than I'm good! Have a wonderful week!

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