Sunday In My City~ Banff: Sulphur Mountain Gondola

It wasn't the best day weather wise, but with G'ma in town, we decided to go do something touristy!

This gondola has one of the steepest inclines in the world!~

Guess which passenger was being brave?
(psst--it could be any of them!)

Yeah, nice.  Started raining on the way up...
(rain on the way up, means SNOW at the top!)
Running Around the Helipad up top, after the snow.

Doing our best Grizzly Bear impressions...

If you walk up, you can use the Gondola down for free.
This day, would have been one long messy walk!

The sun peeks thru...
The Bow River and the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel...
finally clearing for the finale!

Checking out the BIG tour 'bus'-
used on the Columbia Icefields.
(hmm, i'm missing a child?? where is he??)

There he is!!!
There he is again!!
Taking a pee in the back of the truck!

YAY for our newly potty-trained Xman!!

Unknown Mami

Take a voyage around the world with Unknown Mami!

I dare you...


Matty said…
What a cool trip. I would love to take that one. I've been on one gondola ride up a mountain, but not as long as this one. Great photo ops there and it looks like you took advantage of them.

Now, make sure you frame that picture of him inside the wheel. That's a winner.
Rebecca said…
So beautiful, brought peaceful, happy tears to my eyes....

Of course the peeing boy in the back of a pick-up truck brought laughter tears.

Erin said…
Those are some great pics! And what a memorable time!

And YAY for being potty trained! Can I send my 3 year old to you?
Woo hoo for the potty training.
I haven't been to Banff in too many years.
YAY to X!

What a beautiful, touristy day!
starnes family said…
What an amazing place. I can't wait to move and get back to nature......2 weeks away!

I love the potty picture. Awesome.

The gondola pics made my stomach drop a bit......but I would have totally done it. Way to go!
So pretty! And really? People WALK up that? God Bless them!
BLOGitse said…
I'd love that kind of trip right's still hot and humid in Casa...
SIMC greetings,
have a great week ahead!
DontSayHurry said…
Awwww, I love the last pic. We have no boys, but can't wait. Hope ya'll had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing, CJR
Liz Mays said…
You brought wonderful childhood memories of Banff back to me!!!! Beautiful photos!
Melani said…
Great post! Brandon is potty-training, or rather I am trying to potty-train him. He likes to pee in the pull-up because then the little item disappears, like the buzz and woody ones, have a space ship on some of them and then they have wheels...adn he keeps pooping in them so we have a long way to go!

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