We CAN do Better CANada!

If you are Canadian (and even if you are not), this video definitely is a good eye opener!

Did you know that 84% of Canadians prefer to eat locally??
Sounds great, eh?

Apparently we are not doing a very good job with that, however.

Be sure to visit the Hellman's Real Food Movement site for information regarding 'Real Food Grants',  raising your own chickens and growing your own food! If we all do a little more to reduce our food footprint, we'd help out in many, many ways!  (Think, fossil fuels shipping all that food! EEK!)

go green

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Unknown said…
That is amazing. One wonders how things get so lopsided and out of whack???
What a fabulous video!!! Such important information for everyone to see and I bet this applies all over North America and not just here in Canada.

We can definitely do better. This has changed how I will shop in the supermarkets. I already was buying at our local farmer's market but this demonstrates very well that we need to shop like this everywhere we buy our groceries.

Thank you for posting and you can grab my green button any and every day of the week :)

Thanks for posting!!

Urban Girl said…
I didn't know about that stat! Really great news. : )

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