It's Back-to-School... Are you Ready? #ChurchandDwight

Tomorrow is back-to-school in our world and I'm not exactly sure whether I am ready to jump for joy or cry? This summer was the first summer that MommyO did not work from home, which meant the kids spent their days at day camp, sleep-away camp, Grandmas house or with their amazing sitters. 

While half of me is wishing there was more summer goodness to soak up with the kids, the reality is that they are MORE THAN READY to go back (and willing I might add).

What I am not ready for??

Let's face it... lunches and lunch making are not the finer niceties of back-to-school. But, the kids need to eat, right? (Maybe they will need to do this themselves soon? Like... ASAP?)

Then, there is the MUST-DO laundry.

Laundry is easy peasy in the summer months, because no one really needs to wear anything specific. But during school? I NEED to wear this sweater tomorrow to match our science lesson on frogs, or I NEED to wear this shirt for 18 days in a row because it is my favourite! Yikes!

Eventually, the gym clothes laundry needs to get washed, as does everything else and why not choose the detergent I know works best. The OxiClean line of laundry detergents has your biggest stains covered! (Or rather, BE GONE!) But for your toughest stains, use this OxiClean™ Max Force™ Gel Stick to pre-treat.

And let's not forget about the teeth!

Brushing those pearly whites happens much less with back-to-school, so you'll need to make sure the kids stay on top of it when they return home. The Arm and Hammer Spinbrush works great, and your kids are sure to love their neat designs.


***I am a brand ambassador for the 2016 year with Church & Dwight. As part of this program I receive monetary compensation, as well as products to review and giveaway. The opinions expressed belong to**


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