Back-to-School Higher Eye-Q with a Visit to Your Local Optometrist #EyesOnHealth

My kids have heard me say this… a lot.
“You only get two eyes and that’s it!”

The gift of sight is exactly that… a gift. Taking care of your eyes so they can take care of you comes with some responsibility, and that responsibility means an annual trip to your local optometrist for a comprehensive check-up and eye exam.

Did you know that less than 14% of children under the age of six have actually had a comprehensive eye exam? That means that come September every year, a large majority of children heading back to school have NOT had their eyes checked at all.

In Alberta, we are privileged to have provincial healthcare that includes free eye exams for ages 0 – 18 years and 65 +, and a program called “Eye See…Eye Learn” for kids in Kindergarten offering free glasses. We also are covered in the event of an eye emergency or medically necessary visits for all ages.

Having regular eye exams plays an essential role in maintaining your child’s overall health, as just one visit to an optometrist can potentially detect many underlying health conditions such as cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes. It’s All Connected!

With Back-to-School soon underway, this is a good time for parents to think about their children’s most critical assets. I know it’s just another thing on the never ending to-do list, but knocking this must-do off the list assures me that we are all starting out the school year on the right foot.

To find an optometrist in your community in Alberta, click HERE.

And, to test your family’s EYE-Q for a chance to WIN a family eye care package worth up to $800, click HERE.

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