Sunshine Village Resort #BNP - Opening Weekend with @Normurai #LifeisRad

This is where I'll be heading on Saturday...

Sunshine Village in Banff National Park.

Beebo & Xman will not be joining me this Saturday... partly because it is still early in the season and may be rockier than normal, but also because I'll be Periscoping the powdery beauty of #mountainlife with Normurai!

photo credit +normurai drediknight #LifeIsRad

Follow us this Saturday, November 14th,  
as we show you why #LifeIsRad.

Normurai  | Twitter | Instagram | Periscope 

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*We'll also be scoping an 'Ask Anything' with @Normurai Friday evening,
so pop in with your best questions. Stay tuned!*


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