My FORD Experience at the Calgary International Auto Show

I always look forward to attending the Calgary International Auto Show each year. I never go for the sports cars, or even the cars - I go for the big trucks! 

Okay, maybe I don't go to see trucks THIS big... but you should still go see THIS big truck because it rocks AND it is a movie star!

I also enjoy going to the show to see what some of the companies are doing to improve their vehicles - for fuel consumption, for safety, for the 'aging population' and lastly, for Mother Earth. So when Ford Canada invited me to come and try out their 'Third Age Suit' at the show, I was intrigued. 

What is the 'Third Age Suit' you ask?

Ford Canada uses the 'Third Age Suit' to allow their new engineers the opportunity to design for inclusion. A 25 years old can only imagine what it feels like to be 55 years old or even 65 years old, but through using the 'Third Age Suit' these engineers can KNOW what it might feel like. Using this suit allows them to design with any age in mind-- if a 60 years old driver cannot get in or out of the vehicle safely/comfortably with limited mobilities or vision, then Ford does not want it in their vehicles. They care about you, their customer.

In the 'Third Age Suit' I felt 30 years older,
had limited mobility and even wore glasses mimicking glaucoma.
PSA- If you have glaucoma, please do not drive. 

I was helped into the 'Third Age Suit' by two individuals. Once everything was in place I felt 30 years older - my joints were not as flexible, I had weights on my feet, my torso felt hunched, and then... they turned on the hand tremors and put on the glaucoma glasses! (Let's just say... I have very good incentive to keep healthy & active!)

I have huge respect for a car company that designs with all of us in mind. I don't need to be a big tall man to drive one of their trucks, or a teeny-tiny woman to drive their C-MAX. I can have bad knees from years of sports injuries, arthritis in my hands or a bad back, and still Ford has thought about my comfort and user friendliness.

There was even a pregnancy suit, so the engineers can design with 'Moms-to-Be' in mind. (Aside: I did not try on the pregnancy suit for fear that it came with a side of morning/all day sickness. Been there, done that! But my friend Alisha posted a cute photo of her testing it out on 'Learning From My Kids'.) 

Thank you Ford Canada for showing me what you do behind-the-scenes!  

(Psst... don't forget to visit Hank in the Ford section!)

I had a great time visiting this years show and if you're looking for something to do in Calgary this weekend, the International Auto Show runs until Sunday (15th).

Find ticket information HERE.


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