Are you there God, It's me Margaret? Judy Blume revisited.

"Are you there God, it's me Margaret?

Do you remember those words?

Beebo has been blowing through our stash of books and after having read a series of hers four times in a row, I offered up a few from when I was young. She grabbed for the 1987 edition of "Just as long as we're together", which immediately sent off memories of 'What's in that one?'

We are eight and a half... definitely dabbling with the tween stage, but she hasn't really asked about Mom's special drawer or what comes next in life? To be honest, we've had more questions regarding the authenticity of Santa than 'how are babies made?' I know that we'll one day need to discuss these things and we will --- but for now, I am happy to lay low just enjoying their capableness and not worry about what I'll need to equip them with next.

Can't we just have a few moments?

I digress...

She chose the book and immediately I wondered, if this is the book that will spark the chat? However, I read the book over two decades ago... I think this one may discuss breasts and bras, but it definitely is not the 'period' book. 

I think.

Any ways, I ask Beebo to please come and chat with me if there is anything in the book that we need to discuss. Because, you know, there have to be a few words or things that come up that she could ask questions about (Hello? Most of my puberty knowledge came from Blumes books!). 

A few days into the book, Beebo taps me on the shoulder and says she has a question regarding her Judy Blume book. OH FUDGE.

"Mommy, what's ... nuclear war??"

Surprised (and muffling a chuckle), I realize how incredibly lucky this child is to actually be able to ask this question? What is nuclear war?  Well Beebo, it is pretty much the kind of war no one wants to be involved in, because we likely won't survive. 

Perhaps, this book didn't name our pre-pubescent necessary chat, but it definitely reminded me that reading a book leaves more to be answered than just those life questions I am not ready for yet.

Parenting #101.

Wow. This is not going to be easy, right?


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