We #DareYou

We try to give as often and as much as we can during the year, but when it is all tallied up, it never quite seems like enough.  I like to make our acts of volunteerism a family venture, as it is important to me that my children understand what they have versus what others may not. I want them to feel compassion; most importantly, I want them to realize that no act of kindness is too small and that giving to others is our duty as good citizens of this Earth. 

One of the main reasons people decide to give is simply because they are asked.  The idea is put in their head.  Adding a dollar or two on top of the grocery bill is an easy and effective way to raise funds, because if you ask, often the answer is yes.  Donating a little muscle to haul potatoes out of the ground for the food bank – DO IT! Take your old magazines to the local community centre/docs office/senior centre for renewed enjoyment – DONE!  Fund a small business with a starter loan (like Kiva), or offer up dog walking time at the local animal shelter—OF COURSE!  

Near and far, big and small – we can all do something to brighten, heighten and enhance someone else’s day.

So… you can be nice about it and ask your friends, family and community members to get out there and donate their time/blood/money/food—or, you can DARE them to!  (See also:  a good way to get things done!)  Double the giving impact by taking the two-for-one approach and DARE-2-GIVE! That's what the Dare2Give by the My Giving Moment Campaign is all about.

I’ll do it, if you do it!?

Who would I dare to make Canada better by giving with me?
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Making Canada a better place starts with baby steps. Just imagine if every Canadian challenged others to donate or volunteer with them? Group activities share the load and there are so many places where assistance is needed.

“There are two Latin words on my coats of arms: Contemplare Meliora.
In case your Latin is a little rusty, here is the translation:
To envision a better world.”

 David Johnston, Governor General
– key inspiration for the Dare2Give movement

By daring your family, friends and colleagues, givers will have a chance to win for their favourite charity by entering dares online. Visit the Dare2Give website or see below to enter now! Contest ends December 14th!

Help make Canada a more giving nation!

*Although this post has been generously sponsored by Rideau Hall Foundation, the opinions and language are my own, and in no way do they reflect Rideau Hall Foundation.*


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