Purging, Losing Teeth and Mystery Boxes

I have been a cleaning, purging and organizing machine this week! (Let's face it, I have been waiting 5.5 years to do a thorough purge. A move with two kids under three done in haste, left boxes unpacked and stored in silly places... just waiting for -- time.)

Plus, with the little gaffers in school all day, I can make their crap "treasures" disappear and they usually aren't the wiser.

What else happened this week?

This guy lost 3 teeth. 3!

He cried when the first tooth fell out... partially because I think he was surprised, but also he can be a teensy emotional. We had our first tooth fairy experience (thankfully a child who does not wait up for the tooth fairy) and then, a few more teeth got wiggly. Pretty soon we were down 3 teeth! 

You know that song, "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!"  That's us! It took me looking up some of his baby stats to recall that every time this guy got one tooth -- he got four! So it seems like this will be something he might have to get used to.

And then you know what happened??  

Beebo, pranked me.

For real.

A little background first. This girl likes her bugs, her reptiles, her birds and even... mice. We have found dead things in her room before, so when you are purging through 'kid stuff' and you come across a box like this-- with her handwriting on it and these words - "Gismo R.I.P July 31 2:06pm", you get a little frightened.

WTH could be in the box??

I decide (after consulting my FB lovelies) that NO WAY am I opening this box. Its contents could be too scary.  Further purging had me come across slips of paper with the words "Great Gismo" printed on them.  

WhoTH is Gismo?

Did I miss something? 

When Miss Beebo arrived home from school I made HER open the box. She laughed and laughed. She laughed at me even harder when I told her that a whole bunch of other people were wondering WHAT was in the box too?

She took off the lid, removed the tissues and laughed and laughed! She had pranked me! Age 8.5 years -- pranked!  She thought she was freaking hilarious!

She knew I would eventually find the box and do exactly this.

Oh well -- I laughed because well, it was funny. And also because, I AM REALLY GLAD THERE WAS NOTHING REALLY GROSS IN THERE!


Have a great Thanksgiving weekend Canada!

Gobble, Gobble.


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