Days of Yore, What A Snore! #StreamInto2015

Do you recall the days where you'd wait (maybe patiently) for 'Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer' to come on television during the Christmas season? We'd write down that 'Charlie Brown & the Peanuts gang' with their dismal Christmas tree would be on at 630pm the eve of December 18th, or hope that our parents would let us watch the somewhat crass tale of 'A Christmas Story', with all of its pole-licking, long-legged lamp surprises!  Back in the day (and really, not even that long ago), that is how we watched stuff. We might have had a Beta or VHS tape of classics recorded off the television, but we certainly did not watch these holiday season specials on our cell phones, at the touch of a few buttons, when and where we wanted to.

Today... in the age of streaming, I can watch 'Christmas Vacation' with the Griswolds eleventy-billion times if I want to. At any time of day or night -- from a wide variety of devices! And I don't have to worry about the kids not putting the DVD away back into its case, nor risk the disc being scratched and ruined. (That all says WIN to me!) We are using a Roku 3 device for most of our streaming needs and love how easy it is to move around the house, but whatever device suits your fancy and gets the job done works!

#StreamInto2015 with us this upcoming holiday season! 

*Sips hot cocoa & pops popcorn*

What is your favourite holiday show?

*Peek Thru Our Window is participating in the Staples Canada #StreamInto2015 campaign. All opinions expressed belong solely to*


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