Make Your Oscar Party Fun & Fit with Tips from Shana Schneider #Oscars #FitWeek

The Oscars have become one of those entertainment moments of the year, where many people gather to see the actors and actresses walk the red carpet-- but more importantly, to see what they are wearing.  Noshing and toasting will often become a big part of the gathering, so why not spice things up a bit and get moving with some 'FITastic' tips.

Fitness expert and Founder of FITWEEK, Shana Schneider is dedicated to helping women turn any week into a fitness week.  

Five ways to make the Oscars Fitastic!
1~ If you like the dress the actress is wearing, do 10 straight leg kicks alternating between the right and left legs. (Go ahead and add some jazz hands or spirit fingers for some flare!)
2~ If you don't like dress, stand up and do 10 cross body jabs alternating between the right and left arms. (That dress should be pummelled and appear on the worst dress list!)
3~ On commercial breaks, put on your heels.  Sit on the floor and do a V-sit. See if you can hold it for the full break with your legs fully extended.  You can also bend your legs so they're in a 90 degree angle to make it a little easier.  (The shoes are really just there so you have something cute to look at.)
4~ When the actor or actress appears whom you think is going to win, do 10 cross body standing crunches.  Reach up with your left hand; bend your left arm and raise your right knee so they meet; put them down, then do this on the opposite.
5~ Whenever they ask "Who are you wearing?" do 10 squats. Stand 6-8 inches away from your couch or chair and as you squat, just barely touch your butt to the seat and then stand back up and squeeze those glutes. On the 10th one, sit back down and enjoy the show or at least until the next exercise starts.


*When they use the the Mani cam, grab water bottles or hand weights and do 12 reps of biceps curls.

*When they use the 360 cam, stand up and do 10 leg circles on each side. Trace a circle on the floor with your toe pointed.  Feel free to do this one with your heels on too!

If you feel like showing your Red Carpet workout, share a photo on the FITWEEK facebook page or Tweet @Fitweek or #hashtag your photo with #fitweekoscar .

*Keep Fit and Have Fun!*
~ Bodybreak, Hal & Joanne Mcleod


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