Fess Up! Bottle or Salon? #DIY

The other day I picked up a bottle of red. 

But not the red you might think... while a glass of Shiraz is always welcome, today the red was for the roots. Sigh. I am fortunate to not have too many grey hairs, but I do confess to colouring my hair. Nothing feels better than freshened up red, done by a professional or done by me.

I know what you are thinking... hair dye is so risky, why not leave it to the pros? Truthfully, I might be a little bit cheap (er... thrifty!) and I just can't deal with the cost to upkeep!   Unless the mood strikes to go blond or to have highlights, I'm okay with doing it myself.

So then I wondered about the ladies around me... are you a 'Salon Only' person or are you okay with dabbling and chancing your luck with a box of dye?


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