The #WalmartRollbacks Event Gave Our Charitable Donation A Boost!

Walmart is celebrating its #WalmartRollbacks event - with over 1000 items in store on sale! Walmart challenged 'Peek Thru Our Window' to see how we could use $50 in the Rollbacks event and well... we never say 'no' to a good challenge.

A friend of ours is taking a trip with her family.  They will be travelling to Cuba, staying in the homes of the locals for a majority of their stay and will be handing out some treats to the children they meet along the way.  They asked if anyone would like to donate stuff and I knew we likely had some things kicking around.

I went through our Art/Craft cupboard first to see what we had as extra, before setting off to Walmart for additional donation items.  I was quite impressed with what we mustered up! 

2 soccer balls ($10), 5 Colouring books ($5), 5 x 24 crayons ($5), 2 x 4 boys underwear ($12) 2 x 7 girls underwear ($12)  and 3 x 15 pencils ($3)

Total: $49.35

We hope our purchases will make a few kids smile!

Thank you Walmart for challenging us!

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*Peek Thru Our Window was provided with a gift card to complete the challenge.*


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