Rice Krispie Squares Stack Up! #TreatsForToys

Rice Krispies treats are an easy to make, kid-friendly, family favourite around our house.  With only a few ingredients, you can whip up the original treat or you can get creative and see where the Rice Krispies lead you.

In the past we've experimented with new flavours of Rice Krispies treats.  We have added peanut butter, almond butter or cocoa powder, and we might even be guilty of using too much vanilla more than once.  Rice Krispies and marshmallow offer up a unique cereal experience;  you can build with it! 

The kids and I were challenged to build a robot using Rice Krispies cereal.  We gathered up the ingredients, choosing the Brown Rice Gluten-Free Rice Krispies cereal box and set out for an afternoon of fun! (We are a gluten-free family.)  We used various candies and royal icing to decorate our robot, but you do not need to -- the possibilities are endless (toothpicks work too)!  The best part of our robot building experience was that the kids were able to do a lot of the work themselves and we only had to assist minimally.

Tips to Make Your Best Robot:

- If you want to make a big robot like we did, using an 8 x 14 inch pan... we would suggest using a double batch of squares.  Our robot was a little unsteady.  Thicker squares would help to stabilize a larger robot.

- Smaller squares to make a smaller robot would be easier to work with for younger children.

- Make sure your icing is thick and will set firm quickly.

- Have a good assortment of candy or decoration, in all shapes and sizes!

How can you join in the fun?

Building a Rice Krispies creation is a great way to get everyone involved in the fun.  Think up and build your best 'toy shaped' creation and share them with RiceKrispies.ca .  For each creation shared, Kellogg's will donate $20 to the Salvation Army in Canada, aiding families this Christmas.

Happy Building!  

Spend family time and family treats donating to a great cause!  #TreatsForToys


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