Summertime Means Picking Up Your Food #LMDConnector

Nothing says 'summer' quite like a burger done on the grill.  Of course, a nice steak makes us feel that way too, but for me, summer should be as simple and carefree as possible.  Why mess with utensils? That all said, Summertime is for entertaining-- backyard bbqs and family picnics -- no one needs to be washing dishes.  Aim for a menu where you'll only need a plate and your hands to enjoy the feast!

Ground Lamb, Drained Canned Lentils. Egg. Spices.

When it comes to burgers, why be ordinary?  Summertime calls for experimenting with flavour and using the freshest foods around possible.  We purchased a lamb locally from a neighbour, so we have been trying our hand at 'Lamburgers a la Lentils'.

For a fresh, hands only appetizer try this:

Muffin tin lined with a Wonton Wrapper
Fill with Avocados, Tomatoes, Cilantro & Green Onions
Cheddar or Mozzarella Cheese
*Daiya Shreds* - we are dairy free.

Baked at 350F until golden, but not too crispy!

Check out the 'Life Made Delicious' website for more ideas!  

These are some of our favourites:

And... if you do feel like whipping out a utensil,

Have fun this summer... get messy!


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