Music Monday - A Lullaby

One of the first children's books I bought when expecting was "Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?" by Eric Carle. After only reading it a few times, I had most of the story memorized. On the fly I'd recite the story to signal 'sleep time' and most often, was met with eyes of expectant wonder... they knew what this story meant and their lids would droop. We have enjoyed this little story for a long time, as well it is one of my top baby gifts to give.  These days, it has become the perfect little story for our early reader Beebo to practice too!!

What were your favourite stories/nursery rhymes/lullabies 
to sing to your children?


Two Bugs said…
Bug loves when I sing him hush little baby, and baby girl giggles to itsy bitsy spider. I still cry when I read them Love you Forever, by Robert Munsch
This is one I've never actually read, even though a friend had it when Connor was a baby and I always wanted to check it out.

My go-to favourite is Goodnight Moon..
Mommy Moments said…
This is one of my favourite too! In fact Brown Bear Brown Bear is a family fave and I often buy it as part of a baby gift! My other faves are "Red Is Best", "Bedtime for Francis", "Snuggle Puppy (sung instead of read!)", "Goodnight Moon" and "Where's Spot".

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