Sundays In My City ~ World Ski Day, Mt. Norquay Banff, AB

We spent Saturday skiing a lovely sunny (but cold) day at Mt. Norquay in Banff. We didn't realize it at the time, but it was 'World Ski Day' and kids tickets were free! Even better! Skiing is still one of those family outings that can go terribly wrong, if the kids are grouchy or don't want to ski.  (Read: MommyO may also whinge about the steepness of the hill!)  But we all made it through the day... with a few classic falls by 'Evil Kenevil' Xman (who had a two-ski come off fall), sandwiches on the deck at lunch, and rosey cheeks to accompany the memories made. 

Here is a short video that DaddyO captured of Beebo and I finishing up our run. I wish I had known he was taping so that I didn't slow down so much near the end, but whatever... it's my 4th time out on the hills EVER!  I was striving for safe and controlled.  And I'm also happy I didn't fall this time. Skiing at Sunshine New Years Eve day might have left me a few things to remember the hill by.

Unknown Mami

I hope you had a great weekend and thanks for visiting!


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