Leftover Ideas Made Easy #LMDConnector

Some people really hate leftovers. (Raises hand*)

But... I hate wasting food more.

We generally eat our leftovers as lunches the next day (DaddyO takes them to work), but have learned a tip or two along the way to morphing leftovers as the days pass.  Keeps things interesting!

One of my favourite leftover turn-arounds is Turkey. Turkey soup, turkey pie, turkey sandwiches. I use almost every part of the turkey, so I always feel like it is a good purchase. On a smaller scale, cooking up a whole chicken can take the household through a few days worth of meals if planned correctly.  Roast Chicken one night becomes tacos the next... then into lasagna if there is meat leftover.  

Step 1- Roast a whole chicken. Eat some for dinner #1.

Step 2- Leftover Roast Chicken may be turned into Chicken Lasagna, Chicken Sloppy Joe's, or Chicken Tacos!  If you feel like combining Tacos and Lasagna, try this recipe from the Life Made Delicious website.  Yummy!

Want to thwart the leftover process entirely?

A friend of mine, The Fit Housewife, suggests roasting up a few chicken breasts at a time and freezing them cut-up/shred up in single or family sized portions. (Full recipe HERE) That way you can pull a serving out of the freezer whenever the need strikes and the chicken is already cooked and ready to be added to its next meal.  This tip is especially invaluable on nights where you need to whip up dinner quickly before heading out to hockey/ballet practice - Grilled BBQ Chicken Pizza - voila!

Leftovers do not have to be boring.  Go ahead- create a new meal!


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