Open Nature by Safeway - Ingredients Matter #Giveaway

"Open Nature.
Nature has nothing to hide,
neither should your food."

I grocery shop at Safeway often. I love their selection of products and stock up on their Buy 1, Get 1 sales.  I may also like that there is a Starbucks in-store... just sayin'.

On recent trips to the store I noticed a new Safeway line of products called 'Open Nature'.  I first fell in love with the Cranberry Crisps (in the deli section) ... same wholesome, natural ingredients as their brand name counterpart, but big on taste and less in price. Sounds good to me!  Then, Safeway asked if I'd be interested in trying out more 'Open Nature' products and well, I just couldn't say no.  

Food products without additives and preservatives-  sign me up!

Let me preface by saying that I do not normally buy frozen lasagna as it is very easy to make home-made.  Safeway wanted me to test out their 'Open Nature' Beef Lasagna... I apprehensively read the ingredients  and was pleasantly surprised.    Frozen, pre-made foods can be wholesome.  

  • Water, pasta, tomatoes, beef, part-skim mozzarella cheese, onions, dry curd cottage cheese, corn starch, parmesan cheese, salt, sugar, garlic, vinegar, spices, red chili peppers.

Nothing weird or unpronounceable in that list!  This lasagna was not only tasty, but very authentic.  I will certainly pick up one of these lasagnas in the future, knowing the ingredients to be just as good as my home-made.

We also tested the 'Open Nature' Strawberry Greek Frozen Yogurt.  We love greek yogurt, so I was very excited by this new frozen concoction.  Filled with berries, super creamy and oh so delicious, the tub did not last long.  I forgot to take a picture in our haste for yumminess, but managed to capture our Vanilla Cherry Ice Cream experience ... because yes, I bought their new 'Open Nature' ice cream too.

The 'Open Nature' Chicken & Spinach pizza tested proved a family favourite! Baked right on the rack, crispy and with all-natural ingredients... we were left wanting more.


So now that we've established that Safeway's 'Open Nature' products are made with only the best ingredients and are entirely preservative free, I'm excited for you to try them out!  Ideally, in a perfect world, we should all be making our dinners from scratch.  But the reality is that sometimes we all need a quick, healthy and convenient dinner to make it to dance/swimming/karate class on time.  Safeway's 'Open Nature' frozen products make that possible.  With hundreds of 'Open Nature' products in-store to choose from, healthy eating just became easier.

Giveaway:  Here's your chance to try Safeway's new 'Open Nature' products! Win a $50 Gift certificate good for use on any Safeway product.  Open to all Canadian residents. (Please note that Safeway stores are mostly in Western Canada.)  Winner has 48hrs to claim their prize or another winner will be chosen. Ends Wednesday, December 12/12.

Good Luck!

*Peek Thru Our Window was provided with coupons & a gift card by Canada Safeway to facilitate this post.  As always, all opinions expressed are our own.*


Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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d schmidt said…
I would really like to try 'Open Nature' Strawberry Greek Frozen Yogurt

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SG said…
Chicken and spinach pizza!
Bree said…
The beef lasagna looks good!

breej23 at hotmail dot com
Lisa said…
The pizza looks good... we're trying to find one that our whole family can agree upon :)

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