Dishes that Fill the Chill - #LMDConnector

Autumn cooking means it's 'root' time and that is when I begin the hearty down-to-earth veggie and skillet/crockfests!  Who can argue with one pan clean-up? Plus, I love the versatility in skillet/crock dishes; open the fridge/freezer, pantry and throw it all in.  In the past, the kids were not fond of mixed up dishes, but they seem to be coming around to many tasty recipes with age.  Here are a few of our favourites! 

               Slow cooker Thai Chicken              Beef with Broccoli

I have also stumbled into a new family favourite too!  Totally favourable to those with gluten issues and loaded with protein!

Veggie Chicken Spaghetti  (invented by SamiJoe)


One half of a Spaghetti Squash 
(or Whole - depends on # at dinner)

Snap Peas
Carrots (sliced)
Celery (sliced)
Small Yellow Potatoes (cut)
Edamame Beans (unshelled/frozen)
1 Tbsp. Coconut Oil

Chicken Breast (cooked, cut up)
Chicken Stock


  • Cook chicken breasts in skillet with water or stock.
  • Microwave one half of a spaghetti squash with the seeds taken out, butter replaced.  If you have 'Saran' wrap, that will help keep moisture in the S.Squash.  Approx. 7 minutes.
  • Microwave small yellow potatoes, cut up.  Approx. 7 minutes.
  • Add Edamame beans, Snap Peas, Carrots, Celery and Coconut Oil to the skillet with cut up Chicken breasts.
  • Add in scooped out spaghetti squash to the skillet.
  • Mix well.  Stir-fry a few minutes until warm and sauce has slightly thickened.

Fill the Chill this season.  Add yummy roots to easy skillets.  
Throw it all in a crock-- and let it stew all day.



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