Disneyland: The Characters

Doing Disneyland means stepping into a magical place both in spirit and location.  If you believe for one second that you won't find yourself hugging a life-sized character, you are seriously kidding yourself.  Disney magic just happens and you find yourself excited (for your kids) to spy cartoons come to life.  And, in some cases, you may also find yourself waiting in a line up for a pose just like waiting for a ride.  (Especially for princesses...those girls are not prancing around the grounds!) 

At first your kids may be afraid of the life-size cartoon in costume;  hence why you end up in the picture too.  But that does not last long.  Be sure to have your autograph books handy!!

Warning: I am going to post a lot of pictures!  Feel free to click on them if you'd like to see them bigger!

California Adventure Park:

Critter Country, Disneyland:

 Hall of Presidents:

And, the Princesses... to pose with the various Disney Princesses and get their autograph, you will have to line up in designated areas on the grounds.  While Rapuzel has a tower, all other princesses can be found at the Princess Fantasy Faire . (All located in Fantasyland.)  Three princesses to meet at a time, changing up throughout the day: 

Snow White

Most character encounters weren't overly long waits, rest assured.  Our longest waits were for Rapunzel (25 mins), and the Princess Fantasy Faire (1hr 15mins).  Xman had napped in the stroller the day before, so he missed a few things we did during that time.  I took him off for some rides and adventure in ToonLand, while DaddyO (He calls rides 'Day Ruiners' ! Ha! ) waited with his own little Princess for the Faire.

(Psst...don't tell Beebo that we completely missed Tinkerbell and fairies!  I'm still not quite sure how we missed them, but what she doesn't know won't hurt her, right?)

Note: You may take photos with your own camera, or obtain a Disney PhotoPass and have a Disney provided photographer take a shot !  Usually the Disney Photographer will have photo cards on them and once you have a card, you can have any pictures taken around the grounds loaded onto the same card.  They are uploaded and available for purchase within 5 minutes.

Have fun meeting all your favourite characters on your trip to Disneyland!
It's not only for the kids! *wink*

*Peek Thru Our Window was provided with passes to Disneyland by Disney Parks Canada to fascilitate this post.  As always, the opinions expressed are our own.*


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