Wordless Wednesday ~ Oooh Ahhh Oh


Alberta beef Rib Eyes, Sushi, and a very lovely bottle of

This is one of my favourite all-time meals.

Do you have a favourite meal??

Thanks to Home To Heather for the lovely bottle of wine.
It was awesome!


Yep. It also involves red meat of the steak variety. Roast potatoes, sautéed mushrooms, asparagus or green beans. Turnips or brussel sprouts. Mmmmmmm.

Date night.
Heather said…
my fav meal looks much the same but take out the sushi and add in some of the stuff Catherine mentioned (asparagus, mushrooms, roast root veggies) NUM!
Mrs. M said…
Sometimes I wish I hadn't decided to become a vegetarian. But the wine looks delish! :)
Leslie said…
Yum! Love a good rib eye and I make the best marinade. And it's not just me that says that!
Unknown said…
Red meat, red wine....yummy.
Unknown said…
Red meat, red wine....yummy.
Jenny Hill said…
Oh, that does look good.

I think my favourite winter food is a roast - chicken or beek - and my favourite summer meal is red meat on the bbq - of course all meals must be accompanied by a bottle of red!
drediknight said…
my favourite meal is steak at your place! we should do that again real soon.

Bargainmoose said…
A wonderful home made steak dinner, creamy mashed potatoes, califlower and some sort of super garlicly toasted bread. I used to love going out and have a good steak at a nice restruant. All of the sudden we figured out we can make even better ones at home and now i'm hooked! -Kate

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