It's our time folks. We will be voyaging off on our Summer Vacation! Yeehaw! With summer camps, swimming and wedding weekends all come to an end, it is now time for us to find rest and solace within the soothing sounds of the ocean and breathtaking salt air.

We are off to Cape Rosier, Maine. Via YYC - Hamilton ON- Moncton NB - StJohn NB- Freeport ME- Cape Rosier seaside. Our kids are very excited to go on their biggest trip yet and can handily identify where Alberta is and where Maine is on the map. Now we'll just have to see if their enthusiasm holds steadfast over a 5am wakeup, 2 flights, a car ride, a hotel stay, another car ride and then- paradise.

I am not sure how much internet access i will have over these next few weeks, but i do have some great posts lined up and we'll certainly be recording our adventures as we go. If you live in New Brunswick, Canada or Maine, USA areas... feel free to drop me a line and let me know what is happening in your community.  

Bon Voyage! (Yay!)



JeanetteSchenk said…
Sounds amazing! Have a fabulous time away! I look forward to seeing your vacation posts!
Sounds perfect. Have a great trip. I will be living vicariously.
TheFitHousewife said…
Wow...sounds like a great vacay! Have an amazing time :)
Safe travels.....sounds amazing have a wonderful relaxing time!

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