Cooking Time Saving Tip: Frozen Vegetables #dinnerhack

Yesterday, I took chicken breasts out for dinner before leaving for work, but I wasn't quite set on what I'd actually do with them come dinner?

When we returned home after swim team practice at 6:20pm (and a solo parenting night to boot!), Xman suggested making a Chicken Stew because his braces had been tightened recently and his mouth was still sore.

We all thought that a chicken stew sounded fantastic, as it had been a rather drizzly, wet-snow day; however, I was a little worried about how long the vegetables would take to cook? 

After some digging through the freezer, I opted for frozen cubed hashbrown potatoes instead of fresh potatoes.

This definitely saved me about a half hour of cooking time and we were eating by 7pm!

Have you done this before? 

What's your best cooking time saving tip?


binabug said…
OMG YOU HAVE SNOW? lol..I read snow and then thought SNOW PEAS !! Good idea with the potatoes!!
Unknown said…
Yes, this week has been a rather abrupt way to start into Fall for us. Generally though, we always seem to have at least one snowfall before our Thanksgiving (2nd week October).

Thanks for stopping in Binabug!

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