What happened to Jasper?

I have been a little quiet on the home-front lately, but I promise life has been a bit topsy turvy. 

To explain better, I should begin with "What happened to Jasper?"

We have been blogging since 2009 and over that time, we have had many animals: Fish, dogs, cats, salamanders etc; however, our dogs have always been an integral part of life in our household. But what happens when your life situation changes and your dog isn't up for the task?

Last May (2015), we needed to move from the acreage.

While that meant a lot of changes in general for our family, our Australian Shepherd would need to bear the brunt of it. No backyard, no fence, on the leash walks only- until the backyard could be landscaped. So, we did the walks, eleventy-billion times a day and we even went to the dog park to play. But all that taught me was that Jasper just liked going for walks and that his bladder was A-ok in the 'go' department.

He needed more.

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For months we ran, biked, cabin-ed, and walked Jasper. But still, he was anxious. Knocks on the door were not readily accepted without making sure Jasper was out of sight. And still, he barked.

He. Jasper. Was not going to get used to this. This... non-acreage lifestyle.

BUT - how exactly does one go about finding a new home for the furry loved one?

We advertised for weeks looking for the right fit, and while we did expect to receive some not so nice emails, we were surprised by exactly how many offers of help we received. Eventually, we were able to settle on a newly retired couple who had plenty of experience with dogs, had a farm and who would have lots of time for our pup Jasper.

Now, when the time comes to meet with those you are about to trust your pup with, you will doubt the whole process. They cannot be good enough. No way.

But you love your dog and his needs come first. Like the needs of your family, this dog you love to bits, needs what he needs.

Admittedly, you feel ashamed that the dog you accepted into your lives can no longer be in your possession. We have had to let go for the greater good of our dog and for the greater good in our life. We love our dog super lots, but sometimes life does not allow us to be fair to our pup and we need to make the hard choices.

What was awesome?

When Jasper met his new owners, he really really liked them. He was all good. He even jumped right into their car! He now lives on a farm, doing what he does best (herding) and he is with people who have the time for him AND who will completely dote on him. Because he deserves the best, but most of all, because we love him.

Have you ever had to give up a pet??


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