The Kinder® Smore #KinderMom

This month, we have been busy exploring all the fun ways KINDER® treats create smiles! From the Easter Bunny hiding mini Kinder® eggs, to MommyO pulling out a Kinder® surprise treat on a rainy spring day... Beebo wins this months award for the most CLEVER and yummy use of a Kinder egg yet!

We were at the cabin, enjoying a lovely outdoor fire. We were only roasting marshmallows because someone forgot to bring the graham crackers and chocolate along. Beebo knew we had one Kinder® egg left inside the cabin from a 3-pack, so she ran off to get it. I thought she just wanted to eat the chocolate, but she had a plan.

She carefully split the Kinder® egg in two, giving one side to Xman. They roasted up a marshmallow on the fire and then plunked it into the chocolately shell. GENIUS!

We proudly present,
The Kinder® Smore

We haven't tried it squished between two graham crackers yet, 
but boy are we excited to!!

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