Handy Holiday Kinder Surprise #MustHaves #ToDos

Reflecting back on December 2014, I can honestly say the run up to Christmas wasn't much different from years past... where the days fly by at the speed of light, and the children are buzzing with Christmas excitement. Your to-do list rivals Santa's 'Good Children' list right until the very last moment, regardless of how soon or how late your start preparations. There is always one more thing to do, one more thing to get or ah shoot - one person you forgot to buy a little treat for and it is now Christmas eve and all of the stores are closed.


I find having Kinder Surprise treats on hand to be extremely helpful to swoop through the demands of the season. I won't exactly say they are a Christmas tradition, but we love counting down the days to Christmas with a Kinder Advent Calendar.

For train enthusiasts, the Kinder train is a fun option!

I know the advent calendar and the train will likely be hard to find now (they've all been eaten!), but you can be sure they'll be back again next year. 

What I Love Best about Kinder Surprises?

These nut-free treats present (ha, see what I did there? PRESENT) a vast array of uses such as:

-Replace the orange in the toe of a stocking with a Kinder egg. The rich, smooth chocolate will please any age and the surprise is always a welcome joy in life. 

-Kinder Surprises make a nice place-setting cracker, replacing the tissue crown and joke or toy. Everyone likes chocolate. Everyone. I promise. 

-A Kinder surprise is also great for killing time, as a Christmas eve distraction, a New Years treat, a gift for the kids of the neighbourhood - whatever!

From 1-101 years, 
these treats satisfy the spirit of the season and the palate.

Make sure to write Kinder Surprise treats down on your to-do list for next year. You'll enjoy not only their handiness, but the #KinderSmiles that ensue.

Happy New Year!

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