Kickin' Off The 2012 Olympics ! #LMDConnector

Will you be watching the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Summer Olympic games this Friday?   

Rowing always has been and still is my favourite event to watch at the Summer Olympics.  I think of my many years of rowing (DaddyO rowed too!) and still get teary-eyed watching the shells and sculls race down their lanes.  I can feel every ounce of the adrenaline;  I completely understand what they are going through. That said, I also love to watch the little gymnasts tumble up a fury, divers nail precision... or the volleys of our teams on the beach and indoor.

Since our household will be glued to the festivities, I have planned a dinner of fun and easy eats to celebrate summer and sport!  I was recently chosen to be a 'Life Made Delicious Connector', so that means I'll be exploring a website full of delicious recipes by General Mills!  Please join me on this journey of food and fun... 

This is how we'll begin our Olympic Menu... a little kick to get things warmed up! :

Pea-Wasabi Hummus with Wonton Chips Recipe

I'll have these pre-made, to add a fantastic 'Greek' touch to our Olympic menu:

Mediterranean Chicken Kabobs Recipe

Then we'll finish off with a Cheerios goodie:

Crunchy Frozen Bananas Recipe

How will you kick off the Olympic games?  
Will you be watching the world showcase their best athletes too?  
What are your favourite sports?   

I'll be sure to post a picture of these recipes when I make them that day!


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