Plumbing Woes

A few weeks ago when I went to Blissdom, hubby flooded out the laundry room (Did I tell you about that??). I'm pretty sure he knows how to do the laundry, so I have to believe that it was just bad timing. After all, that could have happened to me and I may not have been so cool about things!  Overflowing, stinky water kinda yucks me out.

Anyways, it seemed like the 50ft snake had done its job and that everything was working well. Until today...  turned the dishwasher on and within 30 minutes I smelled something. Venturing to the laundry room, we saw water coming out. Apparently, the issue is no longer only in the laundry room. You can imagine my excitement at the prospect of not being able to do laundry OR using the dishwasher for however long it takes to get a plumber out here and the problem fixed. I would love a va-cay from these duties, but every minute that ticks by only prolongs the inevitable.

Nothing freaks me out more than plumbing issues.

Hand washing my dishes all of the time would get to me and no- absolutely not would I want to wash my clothes by hand.  It's not that I am lazy, but admit that these devices are huge time-savers.  Props to anyone who does dual labour on a regular basis--- you are a star! *   

Here's hoping the plumber comes swiftly and fixes the issue right away. I think everyone should have a *one time* excuse of---"Ah, did my kids really stick that down the sink/toilet etc?"

Don't you think?

Pray to the plumbing Gods and to keeping the bill cheap!

Have you ever had a plumbing disaster??


Joy said…
My hubby owns a plumbing company :))
Unknown said…
I am almost laughing. I also came home to a backed up laundry tub after leaving Blissdom. The dishwasher is tied into the same line and when we run the dishwasher (ground floor) the laundry tub in the basement was filling up. I came home to a laundry tub full of standing stinky food and lint filled water that hubby refused to touch. $400 plumber bill later and everything is still draining slow and questionable. Sigh. Good luck lady! Let us know how it turns out.
Unknown said…
You've heard the one about the hot water flush in the cottage due to less than stellar plumbing skills by the installer, and then there was the time we had to get a professional in to re-do the entire basement plumbing after Hubby thought he could do it himself...:) I'm with you on the hating plumbing issues. They are messy, unpredicable and expensive!
My whole life is a plumbing disaster.
Samantha said…
Oh no! Plumbing is rarely cheap... I hope it's a quick and easy fix!
I live in a lower unit and I'm always paranoid there will be a leak and the water (or whatever!!) will come into our place.

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