Sorry Ollie! #DaschundX

Last Wednesday, Oliver, our DaschundX was neutered. We of course felt sorry for the poor little guy, but the day was inevitable.  He loves our vet and is always happy to see her, but this time he got more (or less!) than he bargained for. 

As you can see, Oliver was a little saddened by the loss of his manhood... or rather, having to wear the 'Cone of Shame.'  He moped for a good hour, partially groggy. Over the course of 8... count them... Eight long days of wearing the cone, he learned a few new party tricks to keep his day grooving along!

Oliver has learned how to carry his Cookie Monster stuffy around the house, and how to use the cone as a scoop to pick things up (like cat litter).  He can also run and climb stairs without tripping on the cone, but cannot get into his dog house no matter how hard he tries. (Don't even ask about the fact that this dog may be totally addicted to ME holding his bowl for him to eat or drink. Sigh. I've created a monster!)

Above shot on the right... "Hey Mom, I'm hungry!"

Yeah, bringing me your placemat is real subtle Buddy.

Has Your Dog Worn the Cone??


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