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Over these last months, you've heard me talk about the issue of infertility.  I've discussed what it is like to go through this process and how often infertility is not mentioned or talked about in every day life.  I've discussed what it is like to be childless during the holidays and how every holiday just seems to be made for life with kids.  I've discussed the disappointment at failed attempts to conceive via In vitro fertilization and I've skirted the issues regarding cost. But let's talk for real...

Navigating the infertility process is full of costs.  Real costs.  Various procedures (sometimes again and again), medications (rounds of) and storage (eggs).  One couple may be able to afford these costs, but many other couples may not.  Does that mean that one of those couples does not get to have their own child? Because of money?  In the world of 'not fair', this absolutely is not fair.

Or, let me put this another way.

If we chose to fund IVF in Alberta, many couples would be able to go through the process to have their own children.  Without working three jobs or having to remortgage their house, the stress of financial burden lifted from these couples could inspire many more healthy pregnancies.  Have you ever given thought to how much it costs to look after babies who are born prematurely?  Premature babies are more likely than full term babies to have eye and lung issues (all covered currently by Alberta Health) and those costs over a lifetime add up to more than funding IVF alone.


 To sign the petition and support the funding of IVF in Alberta, 
visit the Generations of Hope website.

View a video of why we should fund IVF here.

How else can you help?

This Saturday, March 2nd, is the 'Images of Hope' event in Calgary.  A photo exhibit of families who have been aided by the 'Generations of Hope Fertility Assistance Fund'.  Silent auction and dinner to be hosted at Heritage Park. Inquire for tickets - HERE.
*Update- this event is almost sold out!*

Disclosure:  I am a valued member of the Generations of Hope #ABHCIVF blog team.  As such, I received compensation, but the opinions expressed are entirely my own.


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