You Had Me At Bacon! #Recipe

I came across this salad on the Paleo Diet Lifestyle website and I could not resist making it.  It had bacon in the title and well... you know, BACON is awesome!  I only found this recipe about three weeks ago and I have made it three times already-- it is THAT good!

My Adapted Version~


Bacon (For a family of 4, we used a whole package)
Green or Red Grapes, halved
Sliced Almonds
Green Onions

(Please note: amounts of ingredients is not important.
Suit to taste.)


1/4 cup of Balsamic Vinegar
1/8 cup of Organic Virgin Olive Oil


    -Cook bacon as per directions.  Leave as slices or cut up for smaller pieces.
    -Cut up other veggies and fruit.
    -Drain bacon well.
    -Mix dressing components and shake well.
    -Mix all ingredients together and ENJOY!  Yummy BACON!

      Feel free to add whatever else you might enjoy to this salad.  It has loads of opportunity and I guarantee everyone will love it.  Plus, with all this broccoli you are sure to get your calcium for the day!