Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thursday Thoughts: Movember

Movember enters ours lives every November; Raising awareness and funds for Men's Health. Specifically, Prostate Cancer. Facial hair grows long and soon, the Mustache takes over the top lip of faces familiar and stranger.

1.A strip of hair left to grow above the upper lip.
2.A long mustache.
moustache - whiskers  (

Let's face it fellas, most women just aren't cool with the 'stache. Most women like a clean shaven man. Have any of you realized how incredibly long you have made November?? And yes-frankly, 22 days in I am started to get freaked out everywhere I go. I can no longer handle the 'stache!

Is anyone else having this problem?

Not having a personal attraction or love of the 'stache, I fully believe that there are only a handful of men out there that look good with a 'stache.

For example:

Tom Selleck- Okay, we know this guy with only a 'stache. It has always been a part of his famous face. It suits him-even if he is entirely 80's.   (And so am i!)

Brad Pitt: Sorry Angelina, but I'd tell him to shave it. ;)

Johnny Depp: Maybe not this 'stache in particular, but JD's 'staches are always character worthy. He has mucho intrigue.

Ron Burgundy: Oh my! Nuff said.

Harrison Ford: Okay, this 'stache works for me...
We can simply wash it off.
Got Milk Harrison?

Good efforts Men.
(How many days are left until Dec 1st?) 

We'll happily celebate celebrate your efforts... when they're over.  

Thanks CH for the Month of Celibacy comment. ;)


Catherine Dabels said...

I have thoughts on facial hair.

Movemeber is gross. If it allowed goatees and beards it would be less creepy. My hubby doesn't grow the traditional Movember stache. He does however always, almost always, have a goatee. If it doesn't get too long I love it, which is why he has it. He prefers to be clean shaven but I like the facial hair. I am one of THOSE women.

My brothers grow the stache and they look like pedophiles. Which is not a good look. Just ask their wives.

Does your hubby grow it?

SamiJoe said...

Hubby does not do a 'stache, but does sometimes sport a goatee (which I don't mind).

Jenny Hill said...

I am I guess one of the lucky ones - my hubby does not grow facial hair well at all - he tries - but he always ends up looking like a 14 year old hispanic boy. So no Movember for us, but a girlfriend of mine and her friends at all thinking about starting up Januhairy for women who suffer from Movember

SamiJoe said...

Love it JANUHAIRY-- !

Kathleen said...

Wow, Januhairy--I might need to consider this ;-)

My husband is growing the Tom Selleck... December can't come soon enough.

Steadfast Ahoy! said...

It's been 36 years of the full facial in this house. He did shave it all off on a bet once, and even the kids begged him to hurry up and regrow it. Some peoples' chins need the definition a beard gives and then the 'stache just goes with.

SamiJoe said...

@Rosemary - Your dh needs the facial hair. I do agree. He is a person it looks good on (Like Tom Selleck up there!)

Teena in Toronto said...

Some stellar 'staches there :)

Heather said...



Erin said...

My husband can't really grow one, so I luck out there. My co-worker advised yesterday that he will not be participating in the moustache-growing this year, on pain of divorce. His wife was not impressed with his efforts last year :-) However, we will all be working together to raise money for prostate cancer research (my dad's a survivor).


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