Friday, April 30, 2010

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Error in Judgement: Spoke too Soon

I have been thinking all week about titling my blog post Sunday past, "Bitch Slapped". I know in the whole grand scheme of things, none of you probably care about my choice of words at all. IRL i swear. It happens and generally, the kids are not in earshot. Sometimes, no word quite says it all, nor gives the same feeling of satisfaction than uttering the F-word. But typing a bad word just seems so, so…on purpose. It’s almost like in those few seconds it takes me to type that bad word, I could have just chosen a better word instead.
I guess that is just me. I certainly do not frown upon anyone who can actually write/type a bad word. I give you props. Most of the time, I duck and say, sh*tty. In the end it gets the job done and alleviates things a bit.
Back to Sunday…
Yep, titling that post “Bitch Slapped” was not at all necessary. If I had just calmed down a little before writing that post (hasty!), I might have come to realize that Mother Nature did not really want to ‘Bitch Slap’ me… she just wanted to share some precipitation with us. She was not intentionally being mean. After all, the snow melted very quickly and we later garnered a fantastic photo of Xman shovelling naked. One could not have been possible without the other.
(Loves it when you find that silver lining…)
Then yesterday, my hubby told his employees (we run a business out of the house) that if it was snowing at noon, they NEEDED to go home. He then told me that taking Beebo to preschool was probably not a good idea and that I should expect Soccer to be cancelled too. Geesh, sounds serious, right? You’d think we were bracing ourselves for the first snowfall of the year, or that we lived in Florida and did not have much snow driving experience (I was in Florida once when it snowed- no offense, but it was not a happy scene!). We are Canadian, we do not scare at a little bit of snow.

The backyard...

Snow is our lot in life; especially in the Rockies. It occasionally surprises us and ruins a perfectly sunny day, but in the end, snow is not shocking to us.


I’ll admit that yesterday I thought hubby was definitely over-reacting to the weather forecast. We do realize that our spring storms bring it all out and that they far exceed any storm we might get at -20C temps. Twenty-four hours later, it is still snowing. We have drifts about 8 feet high and my driveway is completely done.

The's in there somewhere!?

In fact, the BobCat (digger/plough) is stuck in said driveway and until the wind dies down, there will be no leaving for any reason until this storm stops. No internet (this is being written in Word), but thankfully still with power.

THIS post is about a REAL ‘Bitch Slapping’… Mother Nature, I do apologize for my unkind words on Sunday, but i just don’t see the bigger plan in this neverending squall? Only yesterday did i realize how soon we are heading into May. YOUR actions are NOT appreciated and you have brought my spirit to a new low. Fuck.

Aside: Please please melt fast. However- i would appreciate it if the mud puddles could be kept to a minimum. Thanks. Oh, and be nice and sunshine-y for the following weeks, so we can get this thing called "Spring" on the road.

kindly yours,

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tell Me, Tell Me Tuesday

I normally will not post a picture like this, for extreme fear of what may happen. But this time, the circumstances were just too good. DaddyO, the kids and I had just finished up a nice refreshing soak in the hot-tub and after having stripped off our wet attire, were sitting in the sunshine on the deck. MOST of us had our robes on. However, Xman decided that HE would rather shovel off the remaining slushy snow from the previous days snowstorm. HE decided to whip off his robe and HE decided to do it shoeless.

*Picture has been removed*

Shovel shovel shovel,
a hard days work is never done.
Even when you are two and naked.

So Tell Me, Tell Me...have you ever had a moment with your child that was unshowable?? We just laughed and laughed and laughed-- no one was rushing to stop him, lol.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sundays In My City~ Bitch Slapped

I'll preface by telling you that the moisture is definitely welcome and necessary. But dude- this is spring. In spring, it should rain. Right?
We have been coatless for a few weeks now. Obviously It has been a really nice feeling; the freedom to just let the breeze brush your skin. Carrying around Rubbermaid containers of clothing in our car is what all good Albertans do-for this reason: Did you know that Calgary is one of the only major cities in the world to receive snow in all 12 months of the year?? Sick.

The playdate we had on Thursday at the park with our Aunt & Cousin was a glorious day. We had some good April UV (one shoulder perhaps a little too much) and enjoyed a nice lunch. Lil' Cousin rolled back and forth (a first!) watching Xman and Beebo climb!~ Hats were on and off, dirt was thrown- warmth was good all around.

Fast forward.
Late afternoon yesterday, the skies darkened. We had just set up the heater in our greenhouse, for a test drive of nighttime temps. My house is overflowing with plants that need to get out (snow peas, scarlet runner beans, tomatoes, pumpkins, spaghetti squash, dill, basil, cucumbers, honeybee tomatoes, basil & edamame)! Leafy fare has taken over!

As you can see, my mind is clearly not into that white stuff anymore. I have moved forward. I accept rain. I appreciate precipitation of the droplet kind and will accept nothing else! My fingernails have been dirty all week with gardening chores; i have fully jumped into Spring with both, rainboots!
Well... those darkened skies unleashed a nasty spring storm on us. And, to my knowledge, almost everyone i know around me got rain. Guess how i made out?

The white stuff appears to have a magnetic attraction to planned garden dates. Thwarting me once again!!

Happy freakin' Sunday in My City!
Unknown Mami

*Be sure to visit Unknown Mami-i guarantee the rest of the gang is having a sunnier Sunday!*

Friday, April 23, 2010

Niagara Net-Zero Project

I have the lovely priviledge of knowing a group of people who are trying to do Mother Earth some good. I encourage you to check out the Niagara Net-Zero Project, to learn how you too could help Mother Earth (and your own wallet!).

Informed Energy Solutions, to a brighter-cleaner future! New government incentives make this prospect even more do-able (especially in Canada). Maybe you should join in the energy making fun?

I hope you all had an enjoyable Earth Day yesterday. I spent it outside on a glorious, sunshiney spring day and got a sunburn-oopsy! Then today i woke up to a blanket of snow on the ground! Now that's a kick in the pants- darn global warming! LOL

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tell Me, Tell Me Tuesday

Hubby has gone out of town.
That leaves me, completely able to watch whatever frivolously-yucky-trashy show on television that strikes my fancy.
Boy did i get lost last night!

"How Clean Is Your House?"

Have you seen It?

Lovely ladies. Lovely.
I love their affinity for baking soda and vinegar,
and praise their teaching efforts by taking samples
to show the actual level of disgust.
I can.not believe what they'll touch -ungloved.
*Last night, a fingernail was touched to a toilet that had NOT been washed for twenty years. Yes, i said 20! The image replaying in my head sends shivers down my spine.*

I am not sure how some people live like that?

Anyways, watching this show certainly made my house feel like a palace.
I'll try not to ride my children so hard for being terrorizes to cleanliness.
We do okay.

When i said i was going to watch 'trashy' tv, i didn't exactly mean TRASHY!
Oh well, what had i expected?

Flipped a channel up or down- i'm not completely sure on that. Stumbling into a show i've never seen but certainly held an attention getting title.

"16 and Pregnant"
(But that's a whole other post.)

After a few minutes of watching, i decided to move along. This still wasn't trashy and fun.

Housewives of some city or other had to do.

Tell Me,
Tell Me.
What does your remote land on, when your hubby is away?

ps~ Happy 420!

Monday, April 19, 2010


We're a family who loves a good smoothie!

Strawberries, blueberries, peaches, mangoes, bananas...
yogurt, ice cream or no ice cream...

we LOVE them!

What are your favourite smoothie ingredients?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hey Jude

T-Mobile, Sing-Along, Trafalgar Square


Friday, April 16, 2010

FYI Friday!

At home, i have this wicked book by Readers Digest that tells me "Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things." It was a gift, a gift that has helped out many a times. Lately i have come across a few tips that i found interesting and that perhaps, you might find interesting too!

Cooking Spray
-Who needs WD-40?? You can lubricate your bike chain or cure a door squeak.
-Prevent Grass from sticking on mower blades and the underside of the housing by spraying them with cooking spray before starting.

Dental Floss
-Remove a stuck ring. Wrap your finger from the ring to the end tightly with dental floss. Now the ring can slide over the new 'carpet' you've provided. (of course, plz remember to take the dental floss off afterwards!)
-Secure a button permanently! Have a button that keeps falling off?? Sew it on with dental floss instead.
-Slice cake and cheeses easily. Especially delicate or sticky cake that would adhere to a knife. Hold the length of floss tautly over the cake and then slice away, moving the floss from side to side. This also works if you need to make small cubes of cheese.

Disposable Diapers
-Instant heating pad! Take advantage of the disposable diapers high-absorbency, to make a pliant and soft heating pad. Moisten the diaper and place in the microwave on a medium-high setting for 2minutes. Check that it's not too hot before using!
-Stuck for bubble wrap?? In a pinch, use a disposable diaper to protect fragile items during shipping. The disposable does cost more, but if the package needs to get out today-this will work!

Duct Tape
-Temporarily hem your pants! (Where was this tip when i needed to do just this in a pinch a few months back?) Bonus, it'll even last through a few washes!

-Eliminate Unpopped Popcorn. Don't you just hate having unpopped kernels at the bottom of the bowl?? Keeping your popcorn supply in the freezer will help thwart this problem.

-Instant pedicure toe-separaters!
-Keep brown sugar moist by adding a few marshmallows to the bag-works for weeks!

-Add a teaspoon of pepper to the wash load, to keep bright colours bright and prevent them from running too!

-Keep jewellery chains unknotted. Run the chain through a straw cut to the proper length and close the clasp. You'll never find knotted necklaces again!

-Make wicks for watering plants. Useful for a short trip, fill a large container with water and place it next to your potted plants. Cut a piece of string so that it is long enough to hang down to the bottom of the container at one end and be buried a few inches in the soil of the pots at the other end. Soak the string until it is thoroughly wet and put it in position. As the soil dries out, capillary action will draw water from the reservoir to the pots through the strings.

Happy Friday All!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

My indoor tomatoe-y goodness!
Planted March 1, 2010.

I hope i don't kill it!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tell Me, Tell Me Tuesday

Okay...can anyone guess what this is a picture of??

And let me just say, at age 2yrs3mths, this was completely unexpected!

I'll give you a hint...
kleenex probably should have been involved.


ps~ do not forget to tune in to GLEE tonight--it's back!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Living GREENer

A handful of times (ok two), i have blogged about how our family tries to be GREENer in our everyday lives. Here, and here. Admittedly, we can ALL do better at this task.

So imagine my surprise to find out that my blog is NOT so GREEN??

Ya, uh huh, who knew that writing out my thoughts on this blog instead of in a journal containing paper could be WASTEFUL!

Well all that is about to change!

carbon neutral coupons with

By inserting this little button into my blog and by contacting the folks at by email, they will plant a tree in my honour- THUS neutralizing any carbon emissions created by my blog.

I encourage you all to visit How To Make Your Blog GREENer, and to make one less thing of yours GREENer along the way.

ps-totally promise to go back and format this post! IF BLOGGER feels like working ever! argh!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sundays In My City~ Missing You Edition

This week was Easter break. Grandma Roe was heading to British Columbia to visit her sister and Mum, so since Beebo was off school, she was able to have her first solo trip! Eek!

While MommyO and DaddyO probably worried more about how it would all go down, our darling Beebo never once expressed questions of being homesick. She really is brave compared to us.

I am thankful to Westjet, for first of all, allowing this whole experience to run seamlessly. Walking my 4 years old to the gate myself was a very nice way to leave my firstborn. We were allowed a proper goodbye and when i left, i knew she was safely in her G'mas care.

Today Beebo is seen through new eyes.

Her independence astounds me, as she seeks out each new task with enthusiasm- regardless of where MommyO, DaddyO or Xman may be.

Experience her trip to Great Aunt Heather's farm!


Meeting Willie.

Great-Aunt Heather went to a LOT of trouble catching this guy for Beebo to pet!



it was a baby chick, now it's not. Looks like he'll just eat it; taken care of.

I want to go up there...

but i'll need a little help...

I love Willie! He's such a nice horsey!

The farm life is definitely for me!

We certainly missed our Beebo, but we knew she was having a blast!

Special kudos and thanks to G'ma Roe for providing the pictures!
If you'd like to know G'ma Roe better, check out her blog Steadfast Ahoy!

Unknown Mami
If you haven't popped in to visit Mami this week, DO IT!

Happy Sunday!

ps~ Aunt Chrissy & baby Arnold were a strong highlight in this trip. The cousins had a great opportunity to bond!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I'm Intrigued...

Has anyone ever purchased one of these kits for their kiddos??

I think it is something they would LOVE~
but, i forsee the Not-wanting-to-let-them-go issue...

Friday, April 9, 2010

It's that time of Year...

Grass fire season!

Our winter was not that wet (read: apparently it did not snow enough),
so the fires have begun!
Prelude to a seemingly terrible summer...

Come on April Showers!!
(btw, yesterday we did have an April Shower--it involved: rain, MAJOR wind, lots of snow AND thunder and lightening! All at the same time!)

Happy Friday Everyone!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oh My!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Still Waiting Wednesday...(but we're almost there)!

GLEE, Season 2 begins April 13, 2010

Look for it!
Watch it!
I guarantee it's fun!

I'M a GLEE-k!
Are you?

ps~ Two words....Jane Lynch.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tell Me, Tell Me Tuesday

Easter here was filled with many a to-do list! I was hoping the weather might be a little warmer, but the chilly wind was blessed with sunshine-so not all bad. Since we had the luxury of a few days off, we decided to put in some serious gardening time. It has been a few years since moving here and all i have done in that time is weed-garden-weed-weed- and plant bulbs. Two years of bulbs are now popping up all over the place; i secretly believe that all the bulbs i plant will not work for a,b or c reasons. Yet when i see them poke their greenery from below, my faith is renewed!

Moving on... last year hubby built me a greenhouse. I used it. I tried hard. But i swore it was way too hot- ya know, sometimes you need a good give'er sort out the kinks?! While i am a firm 'research and follow a plan' type, just letting things happen was how i needed to learn and progress. But NOT this year...

Last year's greenhouse production of mismanaged results drove me cuckoo! Learning experience.OR.not. This year i demanded windows and screen and ventilation- the door open thing was not working. And while you're at it, plz throw in an area to hang my tools and shelving for even more insane growing madness! Mowahahahah! I cannot fail two years in a row!

Obliging hubby (thank you hun, love you!), built greenhouse windows! And the storage area and the shelving (all with recycled wood!). I am so blessed. Since the big digger was on-site, i decided that maybe (oh just maybe, wink wink), he could also dig up my veggie garden and make it bigger? And bigger it IS!

Unfortunately, the bigger garden means a LOT of me picking rocks before i can get some real dirt in here! If you aren't familiar with Alberta and it's ROCKY Mountains, then here is a picture to demonstrate just a little bit of the madness i still need to endure in this project:

I've already been picking this patch...


Tell Me, Tell you have a veggie/herb garden?? What fantastic things do you grow? I am Zone 3- last year successes were Mesclun, Zucchini, Carrots. Has anyone ever grown Horseradish?? I REALLY want to try growing Horseradish, but have heard horror stories--now i need tips!

More 'Tell Me Tell Me'? Pop in here.