Thursday, December 31, 2009

Once in a Blue Moon

Photo credit to Science Nasa 2004

For the first time in almost 20 years, tonight's New Years Eve celebrations will be graced with a glorious 'Blue Moon'! A Blue Moon occurs once per year and represents the difference between the calendar year and the astronomical year. While the moon won't actually be blue (sorry to burst your bubble!), if you have clear skies, it should be spectacular!

My weather calls for snow, snow and more snow tonight (it's snowing right now too). So i'm not sure i'll even get to see the moon. But i'll be looking...!!

If YOU can see the moon tonight in it's full, magnificent glory, will you snap a picture of it for me??


May your last evening of 2009 be one to remember (because NOT remembering it really sucks & hurts-ouch!). Play safe, be merry and oh yes, please kiss someone at midnight!! Folklore has it that not kissing someone at the stroke of twelve ensures a year of loneliness.

So....pucker up!

See you in 2010,

**ps~ a lovely bloggy friend has started a new blog called "I'd let my kid see that". She'll be reviewing movies and giving her insights on them, so we can all be better informed before taking our kids to see them. She will also be reviewing dvd's new and old. Check it out!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

1st Day @ C.O.P


DaddyO & Beebo spent a fine morning at Canada Olympic Park. It was Beebo's very first time downhill skiing. Apparently, she liked it ALOT!

That made MommyO soooo happy!~

I was afraid she might cry.

Looks like we've got another skier in the family. DaddyO said she did surprisingly well and that by the end of the morning, she was snow ploughing down the hill next to him, holding only his hand.

Gosh, i hope no one 'breaks' anything...

Can you tell who the 'non' downhiller is in the family?? The little man aside (because he definitely is crazy enough to throw himself down a hill at top speed!), it is I. I am a lover of Cross-Country skiing...

Yep, mighty boring i guess.

But i think the hills involved in XCountry skiing are PLENTY big enough for me. No need to go testing myself down these Rocky Mountains...

if i felt like breaking a leg, i'd step out in front of a moving vehicle! For realsies.

This will most likely be a DaddyO event in the years to come. I'll happily be the 'Chalet Mom', sipping hot cocoa (with Bailey's), reading and waiting to lunch with my fam.

How about you?? Downhill or no hill?


The 3/50 Project

Lazily looking through Facebook the other eve, i came across a 'fan' club called: The 3/50 Project. Their objective is easy- think of 3 local businesses that you'd HATE to see close up their doors. Then, aim to spend $50 per month total in those businesses.

See? Easy, right?

Well, the numbers stack up like this: "If half of the employed population spent $50 per month in locally owned businesses, it would generate 42.6 billion dollars in revenue. For every $100 that is spent locally, $68 returns to the community via taxes, payroll, & other expenditures. In a National chain, only $43 returns to the community AND through online shopping, NOTHING comes back to the community."

Did that change your mind??

The 3/50 Project website lives here. I'd love for you to check it out and see how you can get involved. If you are a small business owner, their site works in your favor as they'll list your store/business on a master list, making you easier to find. They can also provide a backlink to your website. EXTRA traffic!

Make shopping locally a New Years resolution if you like. I did last year and am able to say, it's one resolution i kept. NICE!~


**facts & stats regarding 'The 3/50 Project' came from their website, and belong to their founder, Cinda Baxter. Check out her blog here.**

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sundays In My City~ A Review

Some holiday fudge...pecans included!

Shortbread cookies too, yum!

Christmas Eve jammies...

DaddyO playing with fire.

Xman watching DaddyO play with fire (Read: FIREWORKS). Ps--i think his outfit is too cool!!

Tempted by Santa cookies!

I snuck out to see if Santa had visited yet...

Opening stockings Christmas morning. This is the only picture of me in my jammies you will ever see on my blog.

Checking out what Santa brought for them!

Shoes that will. NEVER. come. off!

Blanket made just for Xman (by moi!). I never thought a two year old would be so excited!

Poppa Buz' fun, but not-so-age-appropriate-gift. He can barely hold his head up! But it makes NOISE!!

Maybe DaddyO-age-appropriate??

Back home Boxing Day... one VERY tired kiddo!~

Boxing Day ... finishing off a beautiful Christmas 2009!

Christmas, is definitely for kids!! Boy am I tired! Phew! LOL

Plus, DaddyO and i now have a Wii Super Mario addiction--awesome! Like we need that....

Thanks Unknown Mami for hosting!

Unknown Mami

See you all for 'Sundays In My City', in 2010!


Thursday, December 24, 2009

We're watching & waiting....

If your kiddos aren't crazy enough already today, have them watching this too!

Norad really does a super job making "Santa" come to life-- it also lends a teensy bit of reality to just how it could all be done. I REALLY wish they had something like this when i was a kid--so fun!

Time to start baking up a special batch of treats for the big guy.... kiddos need to kill time!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

*ps...last year the whole family came down with 'Rotavirus'...about 8 hours from now. Fingers crossed please!!! Christmas last year was MESSY!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Good Tidings to You

Christmas Glitter Graphics

Just in case i forget or run out of time later, i'd like to extend our sincerest best wishes to you all this holiday season! I have enjoyed getting to know all of you (that's more than one, right?) and look forward to a fantastic 2010!

Take the time this season to be with friends and family, relax, eat ALOT of goodies... and if you're drinking, have a designated driver or take a taxi.

Play safe, wish well, laugh lots--


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What can you do to help?

Each year, we try our best to take 'some' amount of money and give to charity. We aren't wealthy folks by any means, but it only takes a little to help.

Earlier this year, we donated to this organization. Smile Train is near and dear to our hearts, as it is really a simple operation (cleft palate) that is LIFE ALTERING. The best thing about this particular charity is that it empowers; instead of sending around a crew of docs to 'do' the surgeries, Smile Train teaches doctors in other countries to perform this simple operation for themselves. Did you know that it only takes a donation of $250 to perform one operation??? Life altering--for the price of a Nintendo Wii!! Think about that....

This Christmas, we've decided to give to World Vision. If you didn't know already, they have a catalogue of useful ways to donate your money. You can choose to help those far away, or those close to you at home.
Win win! I likey!
Since my Chuckleheads are little, i thought they might find it fun to send 'livestock'. We looked through the catalogue together and decided on 2 hens and a rooster, plus one piglet! While giving the 'gift' of animals at Christmas isn't always the wisest of decisions, we are confident in knowing how much this gift WILL make a difference.

Please check your budgets, sofa cushions, change jars....whatever!! Or, take a quick look through your pantry this holiday to see what you can do.

I PROMISE it is worth it---EVERY single time.


Monday, December 21, 2009

Bass Pro Santa--highly recommended!

Everyone needs their customary visit to Santa each year. With kiddos, that visit becomes even more imperative! I can't recall why we didn't visit Santa last year, but the boy hadn't done it yet so it was time.

I avoid the mall like the plague; i hate that they charge over $20 for a cd with ONE picture on it and i may have to wait in line for hours! I generally strive to find a Santa with a food donation or a 'minimal' cost---even better if they let you take the pictures with your own camera!

This year, our Santa excursion took us to a 'Bass Pro Shop'. We needed to do this on the way to the airport and we hadn't been into this new and exciting store yet. I had heard that they had a Santa in their store, but never dreamed that he'd be FREE or have such a beautiful setup.

Please ignore the stunned look on my face-- Xman kept wanting to bolt! He gave Santa a high five, sat on his lap for a second, took a candy cane and was done with the man. Phew, no tears at least! Beebo sat long enough to get a picture all by herself with Santa, but ALWAYS makes a grouchy face for the picture.

This Santa was easily the best Santa i had ever seen! I would highly recommend you taking your child/ren to the nearest 'Bass Pro Shop'. The whole experience was awesome! We'll definitely make this our 'annual' Santa trip!


**the 'Bass Pro Shop' is quite the sight! Gorgeous is all i can say, you NEED to experience it for yourself!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sundays In My City- Festival of Lights

I must preface this edition of "Sundays In My City" (hosted by Unknown Mami) by admitting that these pictures came from last night. I tried to capture some of this festival in last weeks pictures, but was foiled by thigh deep snow. As promised, the Chuckleheads, DaddyO, G'ma Roe and i took in the festivities on Saturday eve....

The Chuckleheads enjoying a wagon ride through the crowds. Not sure why we didn't bring the sled?? But, oh well.

It was a rather odd night; the day had been relatively warm, but cooled quickly into the night producing a luminescent haze. Driving was a bit difficult (i didn't see anything on the way home!!), but it made the lights just glow!

Tunnels of light! I love these! Almost the whole path through the park is lit up like this!

Candyland in lights!

It was a very nice night to visit the display (Airdrie Alberta). The first year we went, our daughter was only 10mths old--it was -40C and NO ONE was pleased with that. I have no idea what we were thinking THAT year!

We didn't bring ice skates, so maybe that is something we'll add to next years visit. I really hope the volunteers who give their time to bring this glorious event to life, continue to do so.

We're so thankful.

There--so " i've shown you mine, show me yours" ? I'd love to see your Sunday!

Unknown Mami


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Thought of the Day

So, i can understand how someone my age (32) *might* begin to get gray hairs. It's a fact of life, i've learned to accept it... and have VOWED to dye over it at all costs!

Anyways, i seem to have ONE measly gray hair. Yep, just one.

And, i should be 'okay' with that...

Two kids, 1 dog, 2 cats, and a goldfish--oh ya, the hubby---all of these things have contributed to the lonely gray hair. It seems worth it and earned.

But why, oh why does that one measly gray hair have to be the ONLY one on my head that is curly??

And it SOOOOOOOO wants to be curly!!!

It is also a shorter hair and wants to stand straight up for the whole world to see!


I can live with the gray hair, but the 'curliness' HAS TO GO!!

**thanks to Nancy, i am reminded that it could be worse. And yes, it is...i do indeed, have one hair that grows out of my chin. Don't know how i could have forgotten about that? **

Friday, December 18, 2009

Who's Who?

Everyone always says she looks like hubby and i'm tired of it! They only say that because they can't imagine my hair being the same colour as hers (for what it's worth--dh and i had the same hair colour as kids--so what if i dye it red now?).

Well, here's a picture of me around the same age as Beebo. Both of us seem to have an affinity for twirling around the kitchen!!

And, if you couldn't actually tell 'Who's Who?", the bottom photo is so obviously ancient---as in , circa 1981 (and in fact, the mug that is on the counter i have in my cupboard--WEIRD!) !!
Yep, she's more like 'Me' than some of you thought.

Including, those nice Aries impatient, stubborn and outspoken traits!



Thursday, December 17, 2009

If I could be one place this evening....

Oldest Bar on George with GOOD Reason!

I would hop on a plane and head right to Christian's, in St. John's, Newfoundland! (Read about George Street here)

Tonight is their annual "Customer Appreciation" night. Where the house packs in with the best of friends and the best of drinks (free ones at that!). Well, that is, ONLY if you're one of the priviledged few (Read: regular).

I promise that while i was a 'regular' at Christian's, it was only because i tended bar; though i should probably fess up to consuming a disgusting amount of tequila in that building and inhaling more cigarettes than one needs in a lifetime. (3 years aged me twenty!)

But oh, the times.

I usually feared this night. I remember them all like they were yesterday. Can we say, 'slam out drinks non-stop for 12hrs?'

I remember the first Christmas bash, where 'Eric' said this perfectly wrong...Right. In. Front. Of. Me. All too classic.

"Are you trying to get me advantage and take drunk of me?"

He didn't live that one down easily for months. In fact, we made sure it lived on our 'quote' board for the better part of a year.

I remember in year two, having to escort a woman (the age of my mother btw-) out of the bar and to a taxi. I had to first get her out of a bathroom stall, a feat i did not expect to be such a challenge. She cussed me harder than i had ever experienced; i think i actually learned a few too! AT LEAST, she didn't puke on me...

Oh yes, and year 3. In year 3, a lady lost her teeth on the floor! Nuff said.

i'd be THERE in a heartbeat tonight! The good with the bad, the friends i made in Newfoundland are like no other.

Have a great time tonight!
Wish i could be there to serve you all a few-- it was the best way to ring in the season!


*disclaimer: even if i had not worked at this bar, i would have hung out there--ALOT--!!!. Best kind! *

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We're Chinooking!




On Sunday i wrote about our cold -31C.

Well, a chinook has blown into 'Cowtown' area and we are now sitting at +2C.

CRAZY!~ eh??

The picture above shows what the typical Chinook arch looks like.

"The Chinook is a rain shadow wind which results from the subsequent adiabatic warming of air which has dropped most of its moisture on windward slopes (orographic lift). As a consequence of the different adiabatic rates of moist and dry air, the air on the leeward slopes becomes warmer than equivalent elevations on the windward slopes." (Wikipedia) *I live in the Canadian Rockies*

I am on the leeward what does this mean for us??

A nasty headache (from the quick pressure change), wicked winds (up to 120km/h) and a rise in temperature. We lovingly refer to chinooks as "snow eaters", because that is exactly what they do. I've seriously encountered days where the temperature started out at -25C and ended at +20C. That's a HUGE change!

How long a chinook lasts is willy-nilly... but man, it is soooooo hard to go back to those low negative figures when it's been a balmy day in the middle of winter. Just as you get used to the chilling temps, a chinook blows in and ruins you!

That concludes our weather lesson for the week. We should be good now until oh.....June? Winter pretty much lasts until then!


Do you have any interesting weather anomalies where you live?

SamiJoe*ps~ during a chinook my children have a tendency to be completely psychotic. Teachers at school even say those are the worst days for all the kids. It's lovely.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ode to Ketchup Chips

Ketchup chips,
how do i love thee?
Let me count the ways.

I love how your vinegary overtones,
Cut the smooth sweetness,
Setting up the expected saltiness,

For glorious potato chip delight!

I love how you stain my fingers,
a radiant red,
and that licking them off,
one by one,

is the ONLY way to clean hands.

I am not so in love with ketchup,
but ah, as chips,
i LOVe.

Wishing i could only make,
each bag last forever,
but alas, Frito-Lays slogan,
"Betcha can't eat just one!",

has me chipless,
once again.

*Only in Canada*
Aren't i lucky??


Monday, December 14, 2009

Give A Day, Get A Day

On Friday i watched The Tyra Banks show. Not something i normally tune in to, but eh, it was rest time for the kiddos and i was feeling wretched (i never did write about my H1N1 shot reaction, did i??).

About half-way, she discussed a new initiative that all USA Disney theme parks will take part in, starting January 2010.

Now, i live NO WHERE near a Disney park, but have been there enough times to know that it truly is the happiest place on Earth!

If volunteering is something you do OR even if it's not, 2010 is the year to begin. Disney realizes that in tough economic times, people are working hard to make ends meet and that going to a theme park just might not be in the budget.

Go check out that link to find out which organizations are in need of volunteers--and Give A Day to Get A Day.



Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sundays In My City--Part 2 : I 'should' be driving

As promised, here are some of my 'City' pictures. Ok, i didn't go into the BIG 'City'--- but, where i did go has this beautiful Christmas light display every year, free to the public. Right near where i parked was an old caboose from the Canadian Pacific Railroad.

I REALLY did try to walk all the way over to it, but a major problem existed. The problem was that i was not equipped with my BIG Sorels. I did take a few steps--i actually ran half way there. Then i realized i was thigh deep in snow. Oops.

Here's a close-up of the caboose in all it's glory!

The parking lot and sponsored signage....(did i forget to mention it was STILL -31C???)

Wishing everything was lit up (we'll be seeing that next weekend! stay tuned!)....

Driving home--it's 4pm, getting dark....

Snow covered roads. In general, a VERY wintery day.

Since i am very accustomed to seeing deer on my venture home, i decided to prop my camera up on the dash (so surprised it never fell over!) and grace you all with my beautiful singing voice!!!

Watch for the deer near the tail end of the video (ha ha, tail end!).


Again, super sorry about the singing.

Unknown Mami


Sundays In My City~ -31C Edition

Hmm... i like this topic for my Sunday blog (so kindly hosted by Unknown Mami), however i am realizing it implies 'What's happening in my City'. I do not live in town. And i'm sure you don't want to see a whole bunch of pictures of me freezing my arse off in our snowy abode. Therefore, i am going into town today after hubby returns from skiing (in a cool -31C--he's nutso!) for some Christmas shopping. I PROMISE to take a picture of 'City' stuff and post it here later on--

For now, here's a picture of me taking the dogs outside in -31C....

Yes, it's cold. I WON'T lie! But a down jacket solves almost all issues. Never be seen without your hat or gloves, and perhaps a pair of snowpants.

Definitely no 'fashionista' life for me. OH AND don't be forgetting to put on your BIG SORELS!!

Icy mornings like this are TRULY the ones that require Bailey's in your coffee.

Feeling Christmasy yet??

Unknown Mami

*stay tuned for a 'City' picture later on today.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

I'll leave you with this....

I read this today and it is the BEST, most inspiring---TRUE meaning of Christmas!!

Please visit Audrey for 'A Christmas Story'.

Try NOT to cry.

It's a doozy.


Friday, December 11, 2009


I have no idea what possessed me to think i could pull off yesterday.

Seemingly reasonable, i thought. 'Instead' of doing the regular Preschool trips (we live out of town, takes about 20mins each way), we'd be going to the Preschool for a Christmas party! How fun is that?

Well, Xman still needed his second dose of the good ol' H1N1 shot and he had just passed the 3 wk date. Hubby was away out of town (we both still needed ours) , but Beebo did not need another dose so i figured, hey--we can pull this off!

The clinic started just as our party ended. Minimal lines, no Beebo to physically restrain--Xman takes needles like a pro, and me, well...after two kids, i don't seem to care about needles quite so much anymore. The difficult part would be entertaining two kids for the required 15 minute wait afterwards; not forgetting that these children are looped on as much sugar as a Christmas party will provide AND it's almost nap time.

I KNOW the people sitting in the chairs saw us coming. I know they were thinking, "Good Grief woman, you're going to attempt this on your own?!" And i have to say, i actually came unprepared. Where are my notebooks and pencils? The surprise balloons you can leave in a purse for *this* exact moment?

Bad move number one.

I 'guess' now that the kids are just old enough that we only need to leave the house with minimal stuff, i am getting lazy. If they were younger, i would not have been so ill prepared.

One sugary child is off playing with the blinds--running up and down the row with his hand extended. Awesome. Could he be more annoying?? Um... well, SHE could! The meaningless, made up 'singing at the top of our voice' began! God, no!

Thankfully, some 'Grandpa' type caught her eye and he started playing Peek-a-Boo with her. She IS a little old for Peek-a-Boo, but God-love him, he had her entranced. Just enough time for me to go retrieve Xman, who now was running to visit all the nurses at their stations.

I bring him back and think, half-way there! Only 7.5 minutes left to go!

But Xman is not so happy to not be wandering...he's HIGH on sugar and NEEDS to GO! 'Grandpa' had lost his luster and now Beebo was back on her wrecking-ball of torture! She began to run at the blinds just like her brother, while he spun himself silly in the middle of the room.

When the time finally came to go, no one wanted to get their coats on. Beebo layed on the floor despite countless requests to get up and X fought me every inch. I could feel the BURN of people starring at me...

Yes, i had been defeated.

This was a terrible idea. Who tries to take their kids for a needle, alone, after a Christmas Party??

Bad idea, in so many ways.

The bonus part to this lovely day is that it DID NOT end! I woke to a horrible fever during the night and lost a whole nights sleep. The boy today is obviously still not well; after his first dose he was similar, but now after his second dose, i kNOW it was the shot making him so wretched.

Hate to say it, but i really think we should have passed on this shot and just took our chances. We'll see how DaddyO reacts to his (on Tuesday)--maybe the little guy and i are just unlucky.

Happy Friday Everyone!! Now, if only i felt better.....


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mr. Nobody

A few weeks ago i discussed my holey jeans and how i am finding it much easier to acquire holes these days. Well, holes come in all shapes and sizes and are not solely limited to jeans it seems.

Holes are now common place in socks too. But not just my own; my hubby and two chuckleheads seem to have caught this infectious disease as well! Pair after pair get discarded because of their obvious 'toe' or 'heel' escape route... that is, if we can even find a 'pair'??

(Does anyone still darn socks these days?)

WHY is it that i put a complete pair of socks into the washing machine, but only find one coming out of the dryer??

I swear, something has to be eating them.... where do they go??

I just don't get it.

When i was little, my dad always said that we had a "Mr. Nobody" in our house. Maybe it's "Mr. Nobody"??

That does sorta make sense.

But then, all this time i had thought that "Mr. Nobody" only seemed to be around when something had been broken and no one wanted to own up to it? Maybe "Mr. Nobody" does more than just break things??

Perhaps he/she is a thief too??



**Check out this site, if you LOVE to write for real!*

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What Makes an Already Bad Day Worse?

How about, trying to water the Christmas tree....and falling over on yer arse spilling water everywhere??

Yep, that'll do it!

The tree skirt is now hanging to dry and because i caused such a kerfuffle, i am now vacuuming up needles.

ONLY thing worse would have been falling into the tree!!

Laugh if you like.
Someone has to.


....and NO, i don't have a picture....

Something New!

TONIGHT--Disney is airing a brand new Christmas animated tale!

Prep & Landing

I saw a preview for this on tv last week and it seriously looks like fun!!!

Check it out on ABC tonight!


psst...check out Jeff's blog Christmas day to see some artwork (visual to backgrounds ) he did while working on this movie!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Decking the Halls-- Child Labour Involved (j/k!)


Making a Popcorn garland for the tree!

The finished product!

Cheers this holiday season, 2009!


Sundays in My City~ Still Recovering....

The blizzard i spoke of on Friday....

smacked us REAL good!

Non-stop winds, non-stop snow (friday 8am-sunday 8am).

Major drifting in the drive has caused considerable plowing, at least 10 feet of it.

Gotta love Canadian winters!

As if having a nice blizzard doesn't do us all in, we get to shovel in -30C (wind chill).

Extra Awesome.

Thanks to Unknown Mami for hosting 'Sundays in my City'!
I'm loving this opportunity to see how we're all doing today!!

Unknown Mami